Nickole Nesby

For Mayor of Duquesne

Dedicated. Honest. Compassionate.


Incumbent Mayor Nesby wants to continue to drive the City of Duquesne to a better future, and that  is why she is running. Read more about why Mayor Nesby is the right choice.


From Economic Development to Water Quality to Health Care, Mayor Nesby is doing everything she can to address the issues and correct them.


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Four Years Ago ...

“I stood with honor and pledged to serve the City of Duquesne and worked effortlessly to be the change. When we began this journey together, our great City of Duquesne faced serious challenges. Budget deficit.. Financial mismanagement.. Rising crime. Corruption.. Nepotism… An Administration that gave no responsibility and accountability for Public Safety infrastructure, which had been ignored. In addition, a government that largely operated behind closed doors.

“This is your leadership at work and we absolutely cannot go back. Our goal has been to balance the budget each year, put taxpayers first, and focus on putting people to work. We are focused on protecting our taxpayers and we cannot go back to the old ways of budget deficits and physical mismanagement. As we continue to provide more efficient and cost-effective services, we are on our way to resolve the long-time problems with water quality. bring better healthcare services and employment opportunities to the city.

“I stand here today making the government open, more transparent, and efficient. We listen, then we act. Moving forward in my second term, we will not only continue to work on existing projects, but will address blight, recreation, and affordable housing. We cannot and absolutely will not turn back! That is why I am running for reelection!”

"We rolled up our sleeves and took on those challenges. During my tenure, we have addressed the following: "

Fight to ensure that Duquesne has safe clean drinking water.

Continue to make renovating in Duquesne’s local economy a top priority, supporting families and small businesses.

Working to bring more opportunities for accessible and affordable healthcare to Duquesne.

Improve Transportation

Creation of the Citizen Police Review Board

Our Mission and Vision

“My aspiration is to make Duquesne a better place to live. I want residents to have a quality education, I want to promote home ownership with reasonable mortgage payments, economic development, and better transportation, I want to ensure medical providers are provided, update parks, and provide better recreation and playgrounds.”

—Nickole Nesby

Our Mayor's Achievements

It's Time to Vote

Election Day is May 18th, 2021


On the Issues

Health Care/Access

Mayor Nesby has worked tirelessly to help bring more opportunities for accessible and affordable healthcare to Duquesne. Currently, the city has no healthcare clinics, and

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Economic Development

Mayor Nesby knows firsthand Duquesne’s need for a strong economy. Nesby lived in poverty as a child and is no stranger to socioeconomic disparity. Growing

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