Economic Development

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Mayor Nesby knows firsthand Duquesne’s need for a strong economy. Nesby lived in poverty as a child and is no stranger to socioeconomic disparity. Growing up she watched both of her parents work hard as steel mill workers to provide for their seven children.

Since becoming mayor, Nickole Nesby has worked tirelessly to promote economic development in the City of Duquesne. Mayor Nesby will continue to make reinventing in Duquesne’s local economy a top priority, supporting families and small businesses. She has worked to reorganize the Redevelopment Authority of the City of Duquesne (RACD) to help attract more companies to the 72-acre former U.S Steel mill site. To help build a stronger skilled workforce, she has worked with the University of Pittsburgh to improve literacy. Likewise, she has worked with the Allegheny Port Authority on more access to public transportation. Her additional efforts have gone toward addressing the lasting impacts of mass incarceration by calling for more job training and expungements for those with minor criminal infractions.

Nesby has led the efforts in bringing the Minneapolis-based company In City Farms, an 180,000-square-foot aquaponics facility for fish and produce, to Duquesne. This is expected to create up to 200 jobs. Food produced in the site will go primarily to restaurants and wholesalers in the region. Talks are already underway to expand the facility into a mushroom operation and worm composting facility. 

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